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We can never thank the team enough for the care and support they provided in such a difficult time in all our lives.

This September, Kate Dickinson was set to join thousands of runners and fundraisers taking part in the 40th anniversary of the Great North Run. The cancellation of this year’s event has not stopped Kate and her family from fundraising in memory of her step-mum, Sue, who was cared for at Eden Valley Hospice.

Kate explained, “I have chosen to support this fantastic charity as sadly my step-mum passed away in August 2019 from terminal cancer and for the last 29 days of her life she received the most outstanding care from all the staff at Eden Valley Hospice.

“The hospice not only supported Sue in any way they could, but they also supported us, her family, in coming to terms with what was happening. We can never thank the team enough for the care and support they provided in such a difficult time in all our lives. So as a thank you, as a family we want to raise the amount of money it cost to look after Sue.

“My preparation for the Great North Run was starting to get going with planning running routes and setting myself goals to gradually increase the amount of miles that I would be running. I had planned to run longer routes with my friend who was also training for the run until lockdown meant that wasn’t possible.

“Lockdown helped give me more motivation and energy to run due to working from home and missing my normal walk to wok. It was a great time to start training again and was a good excuse to get outside. But as the uncertainty of whether the Great North Run would go ahead continued, at times this affected my motivation to get out running.

“I was really disappointed that the Great North Run was cancelled due to the impact this would have on Eden Valley Hospice and its fundraising efforts. But I think overall it was the right decision due to the risks involved with having so many people in close proximity.

“In the next year I would really like to take part in a local 10k as part of my continual training and I plan on running the Great North Run in 2021 to reach my £500 fundraising target for the hospice.

“As a family we have supported Eden Valley Hospice through our leaf on the Memory Tree, in memory of Sue. We continually donate to the hospice shops and are working on ways to raise money once lockdown has finished. We want to organise a charity football match, a fundraising event and recently I have been designing and making sea glass jewellery to raise money too."

Your Memory Tree provides a lasting tribute to those you care about who have affected your life in a positive way. The hand-made bespoke tree features 450 leaves in three hues that can be engraved with the name of your loved one, allowing you to celebrate their life with a lasting tribute.

You can find out more about supporting Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw by dedicating a leaf on Your Memory Tree by clicking here or contacting the Fundraising Team on 01228 810810 or email fundraising@edenvalleyhospice.org

Kate concluded, “I believe it is so important to support the hospice due to the large amount of money they need each year to provide the wonderful care they do. Without this money they would not be able to help future families like they did for us.

“We cannot thank the hospice enough for the care they gave Sue at the end of her life, but also the support (and cake) they provided us as well. As the one year anniversary of Sue’s passing approaches the memory of how grateful and relieved we felt that we and Sue were supported at such an awful time has not faded at all.”

If you would like to support Kate and her family’s fundraising by purchasing an item of her handmade jewellery you can find it on Instagram or on Etsy. 25% of all sales will go directly to Eden Valley Hospice.

You can also support Kate’s Great North Run fundraising by making a donation to her JustGiving page here