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Pay for a Day

Pay For a Day is a unique opportunity for every individual, family, company or organisation in Cumbria to make a real, immediate contribution to the care of the most vulnerable children in our community.

We need to raise £2,126.46 to pay for all our care services for one whole day.

Your day will be incredibly special – for you and for the children and young adults whose care you will have paid for. Your day could be the day a child comes to Jigsaw for the first time, when they see their brightly decorated bedroom for the first time, experience the amazing multi-sensory room or go outside in our wheelchair-accessible garden.

Your day might be the day a child paints a picture for their parents for the first time, or bakes cupcakes as a surprise for their siblings. Your day might be the first day the parents have been able to have a break from caring, knowing their child is safe and in experienced hands.

Or, your day might be the last day a family will spend together; with the constant support of our nursing team.

Any day you choose to pay for will be a unique day where children and families with experience Jigsaw’s unique care – and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Grant Seaton

In early 2018 Grant aimed to raise £2,126.46 to Pay For a Day of Jigsaw Care. During a six month period Grant took part in 11 half marathons and hosted a Corporate Inter Company Paintball challenge to reach his fundraising target.

Through all Grant’s fundraising and the kindness and generosity of his family, friends, work colleagues and business associated, he raised an incredible £7,733 enough money to pay for three days of Jigsaw care.

How to Pay for a Day

There are many ways you can Pay For a Day of Jigsaw’s care:

  • Make a donation
  • Take part in our fundraising events or set up your own
  • Give through your company
  • Be part of a group that raises the money

There’s no limit to the amount of time you need to raise the money – and equally no limit to the number of day’s care you can choose to pay for. Our fundraising team will give you all the support and encouragement you need to make your fundraising enjoyable, successful and rewarding.

Once you have raised the money we will arrange your day for you. Each day is offered on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

We’ll celebrate your unique, special day with you.

The day your pay for is going to be a wonderful day for both yourself and the children and families we care for during that time. If you are happy to make your support public, we would love to show our gratitude and celebrate your day in a variety of exciting ways.

A special thank you from our nursing team

We will create a personalised, framed certificate celebrating your day and this will be proudly displayed at the hospice on your chosen day. Afterwards, we will deliver the certificate to you for your to keep as a reminder of your generosity.

A permanent thank you at Jigsaw

Your name, organisation’s name – or the name of the person you with to dedicate your day to – will be inscribed in our Book of Days; a permanent record of all those who have chosen to support local children and young adults in this most special way.

Recognition online

We’d love to tell the whole of Cumbria about your amazing support. So, with your permission, we would like to tell people about your day on Facebook and across social media. We will also offer you a page on our website where you can write about your reasons for choosing to Pay For a Day and how you raised the money. You can use this space to say your own ‘thank yous’ to other who have been involved. We’ll also offer you a reciprocal link to your own website, so your visitors can read about your day.

A personal visit

The most powerful and heartfelt ‘thank you’ we can offer is to invite you to come in to Jigsaw and see for yourself the care you have paid for. Our staff would love to give you their personal thanks and we’re positive the children would love to say hello too!

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, the nature of our care means that we can’t always guarantee to host you on your chosen day – but we’ll always try to arrange your visit for an appropriate time.

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