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Partnership working

Give your business the upper hand by getting involved within your local community and supporting us here at Jigsaw.

Being a well-known and recognised facility in the local area, some of our supporters and service users could well be your customers as well. By supporting the hospice your company is investing in its community, helping to improve the quality of life for local children with life-limiting illnesses.

Have a browse below at the variety of different ways your business can help support us.

Payroll giving

Creating a Payroll giving scheme for your employees is quick and easy. All your employees’ donations are sent directly to a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) who will handle the transfer of funds directly to Eden Valley Hospice/Jigsaw, or any other charity they may choose to support.

Payroll giving is a great way to make a regular tax free gift to the hospice. It’s the only way of giving to charity that allows full tax relief on donations, and there are virtually no set-up costs.

If you would like someone from Eden Valley Hospice / Jigsaw to come and speak to your staff about the scheme please contact Martha Pardoe, our Relationship Fundraiser, at or call her on 01228 810801.

Charity of the year

Normally you will be met by a nurse or healthcare assistant upon your arrival. They will take you through to the In-Patient Unit and get you situated in your bedroom and have a cup of tea if you wish one. They will give you all the information you need for your stay and explain what happens next. They will then let you know when one of our doctors will come and see you for a chat.

At Jigsaw we try to promote a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for everyone. All the staff aim to be friendly and helpful and will be happy to answer any queries. Please don’t feel you’re being a nuisance for asking – we prefer you let us know your concerns. Anything we can do to improve our service and environment we are happy to hear about.

Partnership working

A partnership with Jigsaw can be mutually beneficial. Whatever the motivation may be, we work closely alongside our corporate supporters to explore and develop opportunities to meet the objectives of both organisations.

A partnership with Jigsaw can also have some fantastic commercial advantages, such as:

  • Raising your company image whilst interacting with the local community
  • Being able to develop and enhance relationships with customers and networks
  • Giving your business ‘the edge’ against your competitors, making it easier to recruit employers
  • Being included in our press releases/ social media updates, generating more positive publicity and brand awareness for your business
  • Fantastic team building opportunities, boosting morale within your workforce. Employees tend to be better motivated and more productive

Corporate challenge

Get involved with our corporate challenge! Can you get nifty with your fifty?

The idea behind our corporate challenge is simple. We give you £50 and you have three months to turn that into as much money as possible. There are absolutely no guidelines as to the kind of activities you choose to get up to, as long as it is ethical and legal!

If you think you can be nifty with your fifty, contact Eleanor for more information

Collection boxes

Hospice collection boxes in local businesses, offices, churches, pubs, cafes or anywhere else you can think of is another great way to raise money for us. Not only that, but it is a brilliant way of raising awareness about the hospice.

If you have a hospice box and it’s getting full, give us a ring on 01228 810801 and we’ll arrange for it to be emptied.

If you would like a hospice box for your business or workplace, send an email to or call 01228 810801.

I get a lot of support with my condition and by coming to Jigsaw it helps me have some independence. It gives me that break from being with the same people all the time at home.
Joe – Jigsaw User

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