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Reaching out to Groups in our Community

Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw is here for everybody living with a life limiting illness in Cumbria and south west Scotland. But how do we ensure our services and building are accessible and homely for everybody within the local community?

In autumn 2019 the hospice hosted it’s first Diversity Day as we welcomed representatives from underrepresented and marginalised groups from the local area. The aim for the day was to establish how we can improve our equality, diversity and inclusion practices, whilst ensuring we can provide the highest standards of care to everybody.

From small adaptations on our Adult In-Patient Unit to developing how we share information, the hospice received a range of ways in which we can reach more people within our community.

Wendy Ashton, Hospice Social Worker, said

“During the Diversity Day we welcomed four local organisations for a brilliant day filled with lots of ideas and stories. We have already started to make changes to the hospice to ensure we can meet the needs of every patient who accesses our services.

“Some of the ideas from the Diversity Day included adapting the rooms on our Adult In-Patient Unit to make them visually impaired friendly, working towards our Rainbow Badge to be LGBTQ+ friendly and looking at displaying information about the hospice in more places around the county.”

What’s Next?

In addition to actioning the great ideas from the Diversity Day, over the coming months the hospice team will be engaging with lots more underrepresented and marginalised groups within the local community to establish how we can best support them. The hospice is also planning on hosting a second Diversity Day in the summer allowing people to meet staff, look around the hospice and ask questions.

How can you help?

If you have any ideas about how Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw can adapt to reach everybody within our local community please email communications@edenvalleyhospice.org or call 01228 810801.