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Dyson Desk Fan

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It sure is sweltering this summer! Help the kids in Jigsaw keep cool with these Dyson fans.

We're loving the weather at the moment, but with it comes some very hot temperatures! We'd like to have a few of these space-age looking Dyson fans for the children at Jigsaw, to help them keep cool in the summer months. We need seven of them - one for each room, plus a couple to have in the activity room and living room.

The biggest advantage of having these types of fans is around the issue of infection control. With no safety grills or blades, they are much easier for our staff and Housekeeping Team to keep clean and hygienic for everyone to enjoy. No blades also means they are much safer to have around children; perfect for a Children's Hospice!

Another advantage is the remote control, allowing our patients to control their fans from the comfort of their beds or chairs. Also, their quiet operation mean they're suitable to use through the night.

If you are able to help us purchase a fan, even with a small donation to go towards one, we'd really appreciate it. You'll be as cool as the kids in Jigsaw!

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Dyson Desk Fan

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