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Max Dickinson

13 June 2023

Seven-year-old Max Dickinson’s mum Gillian admits that Jigsaw has been a lifeline for her family.

Max, from Carlisle, who has a genetic duplication called 5p13 duplication syndrome which was discovered after he started showing seizures when he was 11 months old, has been supported by the dedicated hospice staff since he was around four years old.

“Max loves the attention from all the staff, spending time in the sensory room and going to the park, he loves baking but mostly the eating of the baking goods,” said Gillian.

And while Max loves spending time in Jigsaw and gets so much from his care, his visits also mean the world to his family.

Gillian added: “Jigsaw has been a lifeline for us and means we can spend time with my daughter Eve, often Max takes a lot of looking after and somethings Eve enjoys doing we can’t do with Max and vice versa. Also, Max isn’t the best sleeper so it gives us a night where we can sleep and recharge our batteries.”

The safety and security of Jigsaw means that when Max is staying his family have complete peace of mind.

“We never worry about Max when he’s at Jigsaw as they know him so well and take care of him which is a big weight of our mind, Gillian said.