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Robbie’s Story

30 June 2023

Heather’s son Robbie, 24, attends Jigsaw

“Jigsaw has supported us in difficult times and circumstances. Our son loves the interaction with other young people in similar situations to himself. The break from other family at home is a refreshing change for him and for us as his parents time to recharge our batteries from 24/7 care is very much needed, so we can face constant battles and challenges that arise daily.

Over last 12 months we have been very isolated and lonely. It has been extremely difficult and exhausting, which has left us emotionally drained at times. Although things are now easier for others, the exhaustion is still with us as we are not anywhere near back to any form of normality and won’t be for some time.

During this time Jigsaw has spoken to us regularly, which was very welcome and listened in some very difficult times.”