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Jordan Mossom

30 June 2023

For more than a decade, Jigsaw was a home from home for Jordan Mossom and his family.

Jordan lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and before passing away in April this year (2022) he worked extremely hard to raise awareness of his condition which is characterized by muscle degeneration and weakness.

Jordan was a much-loved member of the Jigsaw family and loved spending time with the team and his peers.

His sister Hannah says: “Jordan had been going to the hospice for over 12 years. We are incredibly grateful for their amazing work and all of the happy memories Jordan has made there.

“Jigsaw was like a home from home for us and the support they gave us as a family was brilliant but not everyone knows about it so we want to help make more people aware of it and how important it is to have a facility like this in Cumbria.”

Not only did Jordan receive dedicated care from the expert staff at Jigsaw, but his wider family network was also supported over a number of years, including mum Clare O’Brien, sisters Olivia and Hannah and brother Kieran.

Clare said: “I would love everyone around Cumbria to realise there is this incredible place called Jigsaw, that it is Cumbria’s children’s hospice, and it is there to help people, so we need everyone to support it.”

Jordan, who was from Maryport in west Cumbria, gained a degree in Photography at the University of Cumbria, aged 23. For his final major project, titled ‘Daytime Disability’, Jordan showed a biographical look at his day-to-day life with DMD.