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Joe Alecock

13 June 2023

Joe Alecock is just like many other 26-year-olds. He’s mad into his sports, particularly football as a die-hard Manchester United fan.

But unlike many others his age, Joe has a condition which seriously impacts him being able to live what many would call a ‘normal’ life.

However, whilst also being cared for by his loving family at home in Carlisle, Joe is also one of the young adults supported by Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice where he has been a regular for respite visits for more than 16 years.

“It’s a muscle-wasting condition, the older I get, the weaker I get,” Joe, a former William Howard School pupil, explains.

“I get a lot of support with my condition and by coming to Jigsaw it helps me have some independence. It gives me that break from being with the same people all the time at home. At home, it’s just me, my mum and my dad, so it’s nice to be able to come and stay in Jigsaw and get that break.

“Some of the equipment here [at Jigsaw] is really impressive – I do have some of it at home but not all of it.”

A stay at Jigsaw is something Joe really looks forward to and he cannot speak highly enough of the team who care for him while he’s there.

“It’s a really fun and friendly place,” Joe adds.

“Jigsaw is a loving and caring place that you can also have a good laugh in, a bit of banter which always helps. The best thing for me is being able to get that break from day-to-day life.”