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Helen and Jack

30 June 2023

Helen’s son Jack, 11, has a metabolic disorder called NKH, he uses a wheelchair, has seizures and is tube fed. 

Jack goes to Jigsaw so he can enjoy some time in the Sensory Room, go for walks and enjoy crafts and baking, whilst we know he is being looked after in a calm and caring environment. 

There isn’t anywhere Jack can go as he needs 24-hour care. His needs are very complex, so we have peace of mind that whilst he is at Jigsaw he has nursing care and it is a very calm and organised setting for him. 

Jack’s siblings are 7 and 8, so we use the time that Jack is at Jigsaw to do activities that would not normally be accessible for us. We enjoy being outdoors and go walking in the fell, paddleboarding and cycling. 

During the lockdown Jigsaw staff were in regular contact by phone. They dropped off Christmas and Easter gifts. As Jigsaw opened up Jack has had several weekend stays. We have felt reassured by the practices they have put into place for drop off and collection as well as staff and visitor testing. It gives us a much-needed break with a full night’s sleep knowing that Jack is being so well cared for.