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Dylan Kay

30 June 2023

For Dylan Kay, his regular visits to Jigsaw mean that he can meet new people and make new friends. 

The youngster from Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway has quadriplegia cerebral palsy which means he has no movement in all four of his limbs as well as being cortically visually impaired, which is where the brain cannot process information from the eyes. 

With a number of complex health needs, it’s important for Dylan’s family that they’re able to have somewhere close by that can support his care and help him make the most of life. 

“Dylan loves going to Jigsaw as it means he can meet different people, make new friends and partake in activities that he wouldn’t be able to do at home,” Dylan’s mum Angela explains. 

Dylan, who is 21, has been supported by Jigsaw for nine years and gets a lot from his respite visits.  

Angela adds: “Jigsaw is an important resource for our family. Whilst we know our son is being cared for in respite, it allows my husband and I to have some important ‘me time’ and be able to spend time with our other children to do family activities that we could not possibly do whilst caring for Dylan. 

“We have also enjoyed the family days Jigsaw provides. They have meant we have been able to meet and talk to other families in similar circumstances to ours which is so important. 

“Without the support of Jigsaw we would struggle as a family.”