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Why we choose to Pay For a Day

Why we choose to Pay For a Day

Vicki Todhunter is an Account Manager at Thomas Graham – a local company who produce steel and industrial supplies. Here she explains why her and her colleagues set themselves the challenge of fundraising to Pay for a Day at Jigsaw Children’s Hospice.

“In 2017, we at Thomas Graham celebrated our 125th anniversary. To honor this special year, we wanted to give something back to the community that we work in. For the team based in Carlisle we came to the unanimous decision to support Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, because they provide a unique and absolutely necessary service for children and young people in our community.

We initially struggled to decide what to do to fundraise for Jigsaw – because we wanted it to be difficult enough that would inspire people to dig deep! That’s why The Three Peaks Challenge felt perfect for us. When I first raised the idea with my colleagues, I thought only a few people would want to do it – but in the end, there were 24 of us who took part!

Whilst we were climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland – all within 24 hours – it was actually the thought of the charity that got us through it. The weather conditions were quite tricky – but knowing that we were doing this for a great cause helped us finish even when we wanted to give up!

It was all worth it because as a team we raised enough money to be able to pay for not only one, but four days! We decided that we wanted all four days to be in December as Christmas is such a poignant time for children and their families – which must be especially true for a family with a child who has complex health needs.

I would like to encourage everyone reading this to support Jigsaw Children’s Hospice by paying for a day of your choice. Children and young adults with life-limiting illnesses in Cumbria need care and support – and that means Jigsaw is indispensable. Without people in our community coming together to fundraise for them they wouldn’t be able to provide the care that they do every day of the year!

Being able to pay for four full days of care costs at Jigsaw Children’s Hospice has made us at Thomas Graham incredibly proud. It’s such a special thing to know that we’ve given back to our community in such a definitive way.”