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Pay For a Day

Pay For a Day

Pay For a Day is a unique opportunity for every individual, family, company or organisation in Cumbria to make a real, immediate contribution to the care of the most vulnerable children in our community.

Your day will be incredible special – for you and for the children and young adults whose care you will have paid for. Your day could be the day a child comes to Jigsaw for the first time, when they see their brightly decorated bedroom for the first time, experience the amazing multi-sensory room or go outside in our wheelchair-accessible garden.

Your day might be the day a child paints a picture for their parents for the first time, or bakes cupcakes as a surprise for their siblings. Your day might be the first day the parents have been able to have a break from caring, knowing their child is safe and in experienced hands.

Or, your day might be the last day a family will spend together; with the constant support of our nursing team.

Any day you choose to pay for will be a unique day where children and families with experience Jigsaw’s unique care – and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Pay For a Day allows you to pay for the entire running costs of our children’s hospice service – for a whole 24 hours. You can choose the day – and choose how to raise or donate the funds needed.

Download a copy of the Pay for a Day brochure.