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Your support allows us to continue providing care – like we did for Jacob

My name is Andrea and I’m writing to you because Christmas is a special time of the year for families, but it can also be very hard, especially if you have lost a child. I know because I would give anything for my son, Jacob to be with us this Christmas.

He really did light up our lives, but life can be cruel and special occasions will always be difficult for us now, it was actually on my birthday when I knew for sure that things were not right, and the sickness Jacob had been suffering with was more than normal weaning.

We took him to the doctors and were given the option of going home with reflux medicine or taking the precaution of going to hospital. I just knew he needed to be seen and eventually an incurable and aggressive tumour was found in his brain. I could talk for hours about his treatment, about how the next seven months involved five months of intense medical care that overtook all of our lives.

"It would be amazing if you could spare a gift so Jigsaw can continue to brighten lives"

Yet, I want to remember his smile, his bravery and the precious times we had together before his short life came to an end, far too quickly. And this is why I am writing to you on behalf of Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice.

When we knew that Jacob was not going to get better, the team at Jigsaw were just brilliant. They gave us space to be a family, and the privacy to be together in a safe and welcoming place, both before and after Jacob’s death. Our hearts were broken and the team at Jigsaw gave us time to grieve and gently say goodbye to our son. I know Jigsaw is not always sad, it is certainly a very special place, with laughter, joy and time to make memories.

Not all Jigsaw families have such a short and painful experience, some children rely on Jigsaw support for many, many years. The nurses brighten many days and lighten the load of being a parent of a child who needs support. Yet most importantly, I know that the time that the team afford families like mine, whether it is for months, or years comes at a cost and that’s why I’d like you to consider giving a gift to Jigsaw this Christmas for children like Jacob.

He can’t be here this year, but it would be amazing if you could spare a gift so that Jigsaw can continue to brighten lives and hold the hands of families whose children shine bright but for a short time.

Thank you,
Andrea, Jacob’s mum

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