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Mark Duffell

Mark joined the Board of Trustees in April 2021. In 2017 Mark’s Dad, Brian, spent his final days in the hospice and Mark and his family were blown away by the care, support and friendliness they were shown by all the Eden Valley Hospice team. The hospice made his family’s last few days together special and they often recall them. Mark swore then that he would do something to pay that back. Mark has been able to help the hospice’s marketing team on a voluntary basis and his nephew, Nathan, has volunteered many times for the same reason.

Mark has worked in Marketing and Communications for the best part of two decades and been lucky to work at a senior level for some of the biggest companies in the country. He has learned a lot of the planning, strategic and promotional side from some of the best people in the business and wants to bring those skills to the hospice to help it become an even better place for everyone. The hospice team have an incredible story to tell about the work they do and Mark wants to help tell that story to as many people as possible.

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