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What is your Digital Legacy

Emails, passwords, subscriptions and social media. Many of us use technology to keep in touch with people, pay bills, share information or back up our memories, but what happens to all this information when we die?

Memories may be lost; Facebook accounts could stay open and mobile phone contacts will be inaccessible. At a time when digital security is important to everybody, there are steps we can take to manage Digital Legacies, whether this be closing social media accounts or managing subscriptions, there are steps people can take now to help loved ones in the future.

Wendy Ashton, Hospice Social Worker, said

“Does someone other than yourself know your passwords to social and online accounts? Do they know the password to access your mobile phone?

“All our contacts used to be in an address book and were accessible by all. It is now more common to have contacts on our phones or in our email accounts. These are only accessible if you share your accounts and passwords.

“Funeral arrangements are often posted online or e-mailed to others instead of a notice in the paper and without your mobile phone or email contacts it can be difficult to notify everybody about funeral wishes and information.

“You can start preparing your Digital Legacy today and we have found a great template produced by DeadSocial which can help with arranging online accounts, email addresses and passwords into one place to share with loved ones. Plus, if you have a Facebook account you can set a legacy contact who will manage your page after your death.”

If you would like more information about managing your Digital Legacy please click here or contact Wendy on 01228 810801.

A digital way to remember loved ones

Sometimes when you least expect it the memory of a loved one comes back to you. The music you enjoyed together, a special family holiday, a favourite television programme or the smell of the jumper they wore.

Our Cherished Memory Tribute Pages, provided by Much Loved, allow you to create a permanent online memorial for your loved one. The special page, which can be fully personalised, allows you to upload photos, music and stories along with lighting virtual candles as you remember the special times you had together.

The Tribute Page allows you, your family and friends the opportunity to come together and remember. If you wish, you can also donate to your loved ones Cherished Memory Tribute fund. Donations made in lieu of flowers are often the first contributions, plus you can link pages
and other fundraising events and campaigns.

To find out more about creating a Cherished Memory Tribute Page please click here or call the Fundraising Team on 01228 810801.